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Like many agencies, you may have a need for sophisticated hosting solutions, but not necessarily have the time or expertise to handle them internally.

That’s where we come in. Our hosting solutions are designed to make your life easier by letting you concentrate on what you do best, while we look after all of the technology to keep your client’s sites up and running.

What makes us different?

We’re entirely focused on producing the best possible outcomes for you, your clients, and the visitors that access their sites. It’s a win-win-win.

Collaborating with Managed Hosting Partners will give you dedicated, specialist support with an engineering expert who is invested in your success and ready to advise on every stage of the hosting lifecycle – think of it like an outsourced CHO.

Managed Hosting Partners are in it for the long haul, ensuring that all of your hosting needs are met in the right way. 

Unlimited staging sites & bug fixing

Unlimited staging/testing environments to reduce downtime & minimise risk

We understand the business impact website downtime can have, both on you and your clients, and we do everything we can to manage and reduce downtime at every point in the hosting ecosystem.

Each site we host comes with unlimited dev, staging, testing or production environments, all included in your low monthly fee, allowing you to implement best practice infrastructure to improve quality and minimise risk.

Upgrades & security updates managed for you

One of the challenges of open source CMS platforms like WordPress is the continuous maintenance of security vulnerabilities and upgrades.

Managed Hosting Partners take care of these ongoing maintenance and security updates of your environments in a planned and systematic way, while also supporting resolutions of emergency vulnerabilities when they do occur. This allows you to be able to enjoy the upsides of WordPress and minimise the downsides, whilst reducing your internal management overhead.

Scheduled security updates
Global performance capabilities

Global performance capabilities

There are many challenges in making sites work for different international audiences, but Managed Hosting Partners has the solution. Each and every site we host for you is set up with either a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a caching server, or both. This means that visitors from across the globe will all get the same access speed to your client’s website, no matter where they may be visiting from. This is a more complex setup, but included in our standard pricing.

We also mentor you with technology solutions to track visitors from international locations and provide targeted content to customers in different markets.

Centralised, secure & future-proof: Our hosting solution is powered by AWS

If you manage websites on behalf of your clients, you know the pain of having hosting, DNS and auxilary solutions spread out over dozens of providers (where was that password again?)

By moving your hosting to us, you can be confident you’ve centralised your hosting in a single place. We support you to move not only your hosting, but all auxiliary services such as backups, Content Delivery Networks and DNS.

Our solution is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a market-leader and long-term, stable service provider. A move to Managed Hosting Partners means you can be confident in the knowledge your hosting is centralised, secure and future proof on market-leading infrastructure, and unlike many small-scale local providers, will never be bought out or go under.

Centralised, secure and future-proof: Our hosting solution is powered by AWS

We make moving host to AWS easy

We know that making the jump to a new hosting provider is a huge decision, and comes with a whole lot of logistics, risk and potential downtime.

When you move with us, there’s no need to worry – we take care of the entire moving process (as well as the configuration and deployment of new sites in the future), so you can look forward to a more simple hosting future, without the headaches of getting there.

Technical features & inclusions

Our hosting is provided through AWS infrastructure, and comes with all the best practice configuration and inclusions to get the most out of your site performance.

Per-Minute Uptime Monitoring

Per-Minute Uptime Monitoring

Websites are monitored every minute by an independent monitoring company.

Automated SSL Certificates

Automated SSL Certificates

We take care of secure certificates for your site, so your visitors are always secure.

Unlimited Disk Space

We don’t meter disk space, so you can build and host larger sites with ease.

Global CDN

Global CDN

Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network ensures that your site is loaded with the same speed globally.

Speed Optimisation

Speed Optimisation

We use HTTP/2 and PHP 7.4 to get the very best speed performance out of your site.

SFTP/ SSH Access

SFTP / SSH Access

Only the securest access provided: Use SFTP or SSH with secure randomised passwords or your public key

Case Study: Quadramedia Agency

Quadramedia is a leading digital agency in New Zealand’s web design landscape with a passion for UX and client outcomes.

They had previously used shared web hosting services designed for smaller websites, but soon found a need for a business that was capable of hosting large-scale sites for bigger clients that had a higher budget and more complex needs.

They also tried their hand at moving to a “virtual private server” that was being provided by their traditional web hosting company. The challenge that they faced with this – as is common for many web design companies – was that they had no one inside the business with a technical background that was able to configure such a server, and the endeavour became expensive and performed either the same or worse than comparable shared hosting.

That’s where we came in. Using our quality-based approach, Managed Hosting Partner’s WordPress hosting platform was able to deliver the following features:

  • Using staging sites for any site update – minimising any downtime in the process
  • Continual monitoring – updating Quadramedia whenever there is an issue before the client is notified
  • The ability to develop new websites and host them free of charge before launch – minimising costs
  • Our service technicians’ help with go-lives – a service that has become so efficient that Quadramedia now charge for going live on other platforms

By moving websites from their previous server to Managed Hosting Partners, Quadramedia now has a sounding board for technical decisions around site speed, international audiences, security, and much more.

Donna Anderson Jones

Working with Managed Hosting Partners has completely changed the way we think about hosting and maintaining our clients websites.

With secure testing environments for every project (and for no extra time or cost!), MHP’s solution saves our team a huge amount of time. Plus, the automated monitoring means that we’re always one step ahead of our clients when issues do arise, which has been incredible for building trust with our clients.

I couldn’t imagine going back to hosting sites like we did in the past – I couldn’t recommend the MHP team more highly.

Donna Anderson-Jones

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