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Like many web agencies, you may find yourself with a need for a more sophisticated hosting solution, but don’t have the skills or desire to take on the task of managing it yourself… that’s where we can help.

Our hosting solutions are designed to make your life easier by letting you concentrate on what you do best, while we look after all of the technology to keep your client’s sites up and running.

Choose us as your hosting partner and you’ll benefit from…

Effortless Staging Sites

Staging sites are ideal, when you want to make sure that changes to your clients website don’t lead to any kind of outage. Not just the site as a whole going down, but we don’t want any page look inconsistent, have unapproved content or be otherwise wrong if we can help it.

When you make changes on a staging site consistently, your clients website is much less likely to suffer from downtime because of changes. The most common being of course WordPress security and feature updates.

We make creation of staging sites easy:

  • It’s a simple one step process of requesting a staging site -our concierge service will create a copy for you
  • Your staging site is always there, no extra charges
  • We backup your staging site every single time we make a copy, so none of your work gets lost
  • Need another one for a different change? No problem, there is no limit

Manage Larger / International Sites

Coming across those juicy big clients that export products and services around the world? There are a lot of challenges making these sites work for different international audiences, but if you partner with us, hosting and getting close to International markets is not one of yours.

Each and every site we host for you is set up with either a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a caching server, or both. This means that visitors from New York, Paris and Melbourne will all get the same access speed to your website, no matter where else they may be visiting from. This is a more complex setup, but included in our standard pricing. 

We also mentor you with technology solutions to track visitors from International locations and provide targeted content to customers in different markets.

    Save Time on Upgrades

    As a market leader in the open source CMS market, WordPress gets its fair share of focus by hackers and virus authors. It is also a long-living software system with lots of feature updates, so security updates are normal.

    Unless there is major security issue, we will schedule bi-monthly security updates with you for your client sites. Security updates are done for you, no need to click and wait around in the WordPress backend. These security updates will be completed on a staging site first, giving you an opportunity to thoroughly test the updates before they go live. 

    Many of our resellers use this opportunity to schedule in additional, paid maintenance and updates on a site, turning security updates into a revenue opportunity. Once you are happy with the updates, we’ll coordinate with you and sometimes the client on making them live.

      Agency Move To AWS

      Are you an agency with 100s of websites on your books? Then you will know how hard it is to keep track of where all your websites are hosted, where to find DNS entries and which third party to contact if something goes wrong. 

      But even if you manage these details well, inevitably one of the hosting companies you are with will get bought by a bigger competitor and this means decline in service, new relationships and all the work that goes with that. 

      There is a hosting company that will not be bought out – Amazon Web Services (AWS). By moving your hosting to AWS, you can be sure to have finally centralized your hosting in a single place, including all auxiliary services such as backups, Content Delivery Networks and DNS. On top of this AWS has a history of price reductions that goes back over 15 years. 

      But you would also know that moving website hosting without major downtime is a time intensive exercise. Especially, if you are moving DNS records at the same time. On top of this you will have some double up of hosting costs to existing providers and AWS at the same time. 

      We have structured our Move-To-AWS service to eliminate these road blocks:

          • We move your websites to your own AWS account, including DNS
          • Implement site improvements such as CDN, caching and backups while being moved
          • We pay your hosting charges for a fixed time period
          • Charges depend on predictable traffic patterns for your clients sites, always leaving you in the black

      Client Case Study

      Quadramedia Web Design

      Quadramedia is a well established web design company based in Auckland, New Zealand with a focus on combining user experience and matching website’s owners expectations. 

      Like many web design companies they started using shared web hosting services of major New Zealand hosting companies, which works well for many smaller websites. However, owners Donna and Mark Anderson-Jones wanted to work with bigger, more prestigious clients that also had bigger budgets and more sophisticated needs. 

      Using Managed Hosting Partner’s WordPress platform has driven a quality based approach forward for Quadramedia, with features such as

      • Using staging sites for any site update, minimizing any downtime of parts or all of the website
      • Continual monitoring lets Donna and Mark know when there is an issue before their clients know
      • The ability to develop new websites and host them free of charge before launch has minimized costs for launching new websites. Our service technicians also often help with the go live, this has become so efficient, that Quadramedia now charge for going live on other platforms.

       Over the past years of running their business, Donna and Mark also have experienced moving to a “Virtual private server” provided by their traditional web hosting company. The issue – as it is for many web design companies – was that Quadramedia has no in-house skills to configure such a server correctly, equally web hosting companies are rarely proactive or cost effective about tuning such a server over time, as is necessary. 

      The result was an expensive to run server, which performs the same or worse than comparable shared hosting. 

      By moving websites on this server to Managed Hosting Partners, Quadramedia now have a sounding board for technical decisions, be it around site speed, International audiences, security and other issues web design companies experience with larger websites.

      Having staging sites permanently available on another domain name and password protected at no extra cost and with no time cost to set up or make copies from the live site saves me lots of time.

      Managed Hosting Partners also ensures that we don’t have to copy anything when going live with a new site and they handle all of the setup, go live, SSL certificates etc. This saves me lots of time as well. It has changed my outlook, in fact I am now charging people extra to make sites live on other hosting platforms.

      Finally we found ongoing automated monitoring is helpful – I know of any problems before clients do and it establishes a higher level of trust for all parties involved.

      Donna Anderson-Jones


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