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Rock solid hosting for business critical websites

Is your website at the heart of your business? You need to be confident that your site is available 24/7 and can handle anything your visitors throw at it… we’re here to ensure you’re always up and running.

Our hosting solutions are designed to give you the peace of mind that no matter how many visitors your site is getting, or where they are in the world, your site can handle it.

Choose us as your hosting partner and you’ll benefit from…

No Space, CPU or Bandwith Limits

We don’t believe in restricting the space your website occupies, nor do we artificially limit access to our shared resources or impose bandwidth limits. Gone are your regular cleanup tasks, such as file copies, logs and other things you should not really be concerned with. 

These limits are no longer necessary in a modern hosting environment and do not affect the performance of your website. 

Instead we manage a fine tuned system of specialized servers that make your website faster through storing copies of your pages in memory – this is called caching. We also distribute your images and files, or even every page on your website through a Content Delivery network (CDN), so that visitors from anywhere in the world can access it with the same speed.

Uptime Monitoring and Support

The majority of hosting has no significant downtime. But you never know until you measure it. We want to know at all times, so every website is monitored for a keyword once every minute. This allows us to detect and fix issues within very short time frames.

While most companies promise 99.9% uptime, they only refer to their technology platform, not your website content.  We want you to know that your website is showing the correct content 99.7% of the time – every month.

When you change web developers or agency, we can work with you and your new team to make sure handover of existing website settings is done smoothly and complete. We provide unlimited staging sites and help with website switchover, change processes and access control to parties involved.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is increasingly becoming the choice for hosting for a variety of reasons:

  • Regulation in regards to data security in the health, finance and other sectors
  • Extremely unlikely to be bought and service changes
  • Availability in all commercial centers world-wide with the same user interface and billing model 

However, your own AWS hosting setup may not be well architected and not give you the full benefits of a public cloud provider – specifically it may be incomplete and/or expensive. 

Our setup includes well thought out and well architected security, backups, access control and website speed. Often it is also cheaper than your own setup on AWS.

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