Power User Website Hosting

High performance hosting to support your goals

Seeing significant traffic as a result of your marketing campaigns? When you reach peak traffic you need reliability and speed, and this is when simple web hosting and poorly configured servers will fail.

Our hosting solutions have been developed with built in memory caching and performance optimisations, allowing you to handle traffic spikes without breaking a sweat.

Choose us as your hosting partner and you’ll benefit from…

Hosting For Auxiliary Websites & Domains

You may also have smaller business interest, micro-sites and various domain names. 

We are helping to consolidate website hosting in one place with reduced pricing for your add-on websites. We can also help consolidating your domain name registration and DNS hosting in fewer places and make sure that all records are correctly set up, up to date and well organized.

Uptime Monitoring and Support

When downtime occurs you not only loose revenue, but also costs for ads placed, clicked as well as other marketing expenditure. We monitor multiple pages on your website every minute – making sure downtime does not occur and is attended to immediately.

When you change web developers or agency, we can work with you and your new team to make sure handover of existing website settings is done smoothly and complete. We provide unlimited staging sites and help with website switchover, change processes and access control to parties involved.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Through AWS you have access to the highest performance server infrastructure, while our service model eliminates secure setup, backup testing, tuning and billing risk for you. 

AWS is also the perfect place to manage your DNS records – ultrafast and reliable.

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