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Creating a new Software as a Service and readying your MVP? Don’t fall into the trap of shared hosting or an un-optimised VPS that you’ll need to migrate away from in the future as you scale.

We’ve built our hosting solution on AWS, allowing businesses to start with the resources they need in the early days, while making it easy to scale to larger instances as demand requires.

Choose us as your hosting partner and you’ll benefit from…

WordPress, Laravel and Symfony are Excellent MVP Platforms

If you are starting a business in 2020, especially if it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, you will be familiar with the term Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And major open source Content Management and Software Development frameworks like WordPress, Laravel and Symfony are ideal platforms to build your MVP software on. 

This is mainly because through their widespread use, it is easy to find a developer for these platforms and easier to grow and replace your development team when necessary.

AWS is Also an Excellent Platform for an MVP

Amazon Web Service is the go-to partner for new software systems that can scale as your startup grows. And there are a number of key reasons why they are a great fit for startups:

  • Virtually every service is charged by the minute, meaning you are not committed to anything at any point in time and can experiment fast/ fail fast.
  • There are 12 months of free usage packaged up for their core services and many services have permanent or time limited free usage tiers. While we encourage you to dream big, reality is also that growth often takes longer than expected.
  • Many permanent free tiers are unlikely to be exceeded ever for businesses targeting smaller markets such as Australia and New Zealand
  • You know that Amazon is present in all key commercial markets and is constantly launching into new ones at the same time.

All Taken Care Of

While many AWS services seem easy to set up, they still have to be set up right: Nothing stops your startup in its tracks like crashing your site when you lined up 50 users in a promotion or workshop. 

We have a proven way to setup and host your SaaS MVP that is bullet proof and reliable. At the same time we take great care with security set-up, extendibility and keeping backups. In short all those things that investors will ask for in due diligence. 

We also teach you and your development teams how to deploy changes to your SaaS, including how to structure them, deploy them reliably and use version control. Nothing fancy, but automated in a way that will dramatically increase the speed of change and quality of your software management. 

Finally, we help your development team utilize AWS services such as Cloudfront and SQS, which can dramatically reduce cost of your infrastructure setup over time as your startup grows. 

MVP for SaaS hosting is available as a fully billed monthly service or with AWS infrastructure cost billing in your own account.

#AWSforStartups Pricing

Single Instance / RDS Based Setup. Prod and Dev on Same Environment




per month


Autoscaled Instance / RDS Setup. Prod and Dev Separated




per month


Autoscaled, Prod and Dev Separated + Event Driven Processing




per month


WordPress on Single Instance / RDS Setup. Add ons available*




per month


System Add Ons (in your chosen environment) e.g. WordPress/Laravel




per month


WordPress installs include twice monthly updates, CDN & JS/CSS plugin licenses

12 month minimum term applies and unless otherwise stated prices are in NZD excluding GST @ 15% (where applicable)

Client Case Studies

Prototype Hubs

When Mitchell Eaton, founder of Canadian advanced manufacturing marketplace Prototypehubs, set out to build and launch his market place there was no doubt he was going to use Amazon Web Services. No other public cloud provider has the international presence and price value to accommodate Mitchell’s dreams.

However Prototypehubs complex processes for automation of CAD file processing proved too difficult for his existing development team.

Managed Hosting partners was able to provide him with a secure, future proof set up on AWS that satisfied a range of conditions.

  • Mitchell’s laser-sharp focus on quality required to set up separate live and development environments, so he could be sure that ongoing development was not going to interfere with the live site where people are uploading 3D printing and CNC cutting files to be processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We chose to standardize the structure of his background processes so that they could run on a single server to start with, but scale horizontally in 2 different ways: AWS could simply launch more servers when there was more load, but the team at Prototypehubs could also reconfigure settings, so that there are specialized clusters of servers that would work more efficiently for specific background processes.
  • Prototypehubs also adopted a practical deployment process for their app that allows them to deploy multiple features changes in a single day.

As a result of this agility with their platform, Prototypehubs was able to scale their platform to be used for the crucial production of face shields for several medical centres in North America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jochen has been very helpful with the Prototype Hubs AWS network architecture and system infrastructure. After running into some issues that needed expert help with a new web-based manufacturing startup, I reached out to Jochen to architect and setup the needed AWS resources. Not only was Jochen able to do everything required, he also was able to advise and comment on best practices with some of AWS’ many services. Although Jochen is not cheap, neither is the quality of his work; I would recommend Jochen to anyone that needs prompt, quality, and professional service.

Mitchell Eaton

Prototype Hubs

Jochen is without a doubt one of the best AWS consultants we’ve ever worked with at Localize. He helped us with complex server migrations in no-time and with zero errors, just as we required. We continue to use Jochen’s services on a recurring basis

Ben Horin


Should a blog be run on a sub domain or in a sub folder? Which one is better for SEO purposes? 

This question is probably going to be discussed for the ages, but luckily for – a new kind of global real estate startup, they had the option of trying both options at the same time. 

Their existing WordPress hosting provider didn’t support setting up websites in a subfolder and they also wanted to consolidate services on their AWS account used for the operation of their marketplace systems. 

We were able to efficiently move their New York and Israel based blogs into new environments on AWS data centers in North Virginia and Frankfurt respectively and ensure that existing page load times and Google Pagespeed rankings were preserved or improved. As part of this, delivery of images via AWS Ckoudfront CDN was set up, which helps both the load time and reduces running costs at the same time. 

The jury is still out which SEO methods for blogs works better, it may even be they both work in certain cases better than the other.

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