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Agency / Reseller

The best pricing for your clients sites. Absolutely everything looked after. Concierge staging sites.


Serious about your business and looking for a rock solid managed hosting solution?

Power User

One large site and discounts for your small ones. Average traffic billing for peak loads.

Startup / MVP

Bullet-proof peak loads for your MVP, enjoy practical DevOps. Mentoring for Developers.

Serious Features for Serious Hosting

Direct Access to Engineering/Support

We are small enough to care. Your calls and support tickets go straight to highly experienced support engineers that can diagnose your issue without handing around.

Unlimited Dev/ Staging / Production Environments

Use staging and development sites for any major change to your website, so you can be sure everything works before the change is made.

Production to Staging Transfer Service

We transfer an exact copy of your site to a password protected staging site on request and replace all links and references for you.

Per-Minute Uptime Monitoring

Every website is monitored for hand-chosen keywords every minute by an independent monitoring company.

Automated LetsEncrypt Security Certificates

Let us take care of secure certificates for your site, so your visitors are always secure.

Unlimited Disk Space

We don’t meter disk space related to your website. So you can build and host as large of a site as you’d like.

Global CDN

Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network ensures that your site is loaded with the same speed in all key commercial centers in the world.


HTTP/2 automatically compresses and speeds up your website.

PHP 7.4 Ready

Run WordPress on the latest PHP version – get the most speed and functionality for your WordPress site.

SFTP/ SSH Access

Only the securest access provided: Use SFTP or SSH with secure randomised passwords or your public key

Pricing To Match Your Needs 


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* Need to cater for more than 25,000 visits per month? Contact us for custom pricing

Unless otherwise stated prices are in NZD excluding GST @ 15% (where applicable)

What Our Clients Say

Having staging sites permanently available on another domain name
and password protected at no extra cost and with no time cost to set up or make copies from the live site saves me lots of time.

Managed Hosting Partners also ensures that we don’t have to copy anything when going live with a new site and they handle all of the setup, go live, SSL certificates etc. This saves me lots of time as well. It has changed my outlook, in fact I am now charging people extra to make sites live on other hosting platforms.

Finally we found ongoing automated monitoring is helpful – I know of any problems before clients do and it establishes a higher level of trust for all parties involved.

Donna Anderson-Jones


Jochen helped as set up a stable, secure AWS environment for our enterprise experimentation app at very short notice with a tight deadline. He’s very easy to work with, professional and super-knowledgeable about AWS, hosting environments like WordPress and architecture in general. A highly recommended Solutions Architect.

Leslie Barry


Jochen has been very helpful with the Prototype Hubs AWS network architecture and system infrastructure. After running into some issues that needed expert help with a new web-based manufacturing startup, I reached out to Jochen to architect and setup the needed AWS resources. Not only was Jochen able to do everything required, he also was able to advise and comment on best practices with some of AWS’ many services. Although Jochen is not cheap, neither is the quality of his work; I would recommend Jochen to anyone that needs prompt, quality, and professional service.

Michael Eaton

Prototype Hubs

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