Designing for Engagement: Building The Student Hand WordPress Website

The Student Hand

In today’s digital age, it’s vital for a business to have a strong online presence. For The Student Hand – a platform connecting students with employers, this was particularly important. Our mission was to craft a modern and efficient website that would help them reach their audience seamlessly. From implementing advanced features to designing a sleek, intuitive layout, we ensured this new build would elevate their digital presence and offer visitors a valuable and enriching experience.

Understanding Client Needs

During our initial consultation with The Student Hand, they emphasised the need for a website that would engage both students and potential employers while clearly communicating their services. The client provided some basic design preferences – including colour palette, focusing on clean aesthetics and usability. Our team set out to bring this vision to life, starting with an analysis of their target audience to better understand the elements and content that would appeal to them. This insight was crucial for aligning the website with The Student Hand’s core mission.

Creating SEO-Optimised Copy

One of the challenges we faced was the client’s limited existing content. To fill in the gaps, we carefully researched SEO-friendly keywords relevant to the student job market and integrated them into compelling, user-friendly copy. This content not only resonated with The Student Hand’s brand voice but also ensured that their services were presented clearly and concisely. By weaving in carefully selected keywords, the copy was tailored to improve the site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for their audience to find them.

Building & Optimising the Design

We took the client’s initial design preferences and expanded upon them to create a visually engaging, professional look. Using Elementor, we crafted a layout that was both aesthetically pleasing and responsive, ensuring the site would look great on all devices. Our team optimised the layout for speed and ease of navigation while incorporating design elements that would draw in and engage visitors. Key features included advanced forms and well-organised navigation to deliver a seamless experience.

Technical Aspects

Built on WordPress and powered by the Elementor plugin, the new site provides a robust, flexible foundation. This platform was chosen for its ease of updates and customisation, allowing The Student Hand to modify the content or design as needed. We also integrated advanced forms, including file uploads, so that students could conveniently submit their CVs. Additionally, the website is equipped with strong security measures and optimised for fast loading speeds, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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