MHP & Quadramedia: a true hosting partnership

MHP & Quadramedia: a true hosting partnership

Solving Hosting Hassles

Quadramedia is a leading digital agency in New Zealand’s web design & development landscape with a passion for UX and client outcomes, and they host upwards of 100+ websites for their clients. 

Before coming to Managed Hosting Partners, Quadramedia used various hosting platforms, such as shared web hosting and reseller hosting designed for smaller websites. As they started growing as a business and were required to host larger and more complex sites for bigger clients, they faced a multitude of problems from their hosting providers:


  • Updates that were promised would never get fulfilled; 
  • There was little help and service provided when things went wrong; and 
  • No one was taking accountability.


There was a real gap in terms of general support — Quadramedia aren’t experts in hosting, so they felt left in the lurch by their hosting providers and didn’t know how to get their issues resolved. This left them with a highly stressful and expensive service that had them thinking: what are we actually paying for? These hosting platforms were simply not going to cut it.


That’s where Managed Hosting Partners (MHP) came in. Quadramedia needed hosting partners they could trust.

Solution Seekers

Donna Anderson-Jones, a co-founder of Quadramedia, got to know hosting and web development expert Jochen Daum and the MHP team through an existing client. Donna knew that MHP was a business that is service and solutions orientated and a team they could trust. 

‘Jochen is always very quick to respond when there’s an issue,’ Donna says. ‘He will go to the Nth degree with me to work out what the issue is, and it is usually resolved before the client even knows.’ 

MHP became an extension of the Quadramedia team, using their knowledge and high level of expertise and experience to go above and beyond to support their hosting needs. ‘I don’t have to worry,’ Donna says, ‘because we know our websites are being looked after. It is a huge peace of mind.’ 


MHP now hosts around 50 websites for Quadramedia, with more sites being transitioned over to them all the time. Together, they have a system that is efficient and cost-effective and eliminates hosting challenges for Quadramedia’s clients. Since the partnership began, Donna says that MHP has been a sounding board for technical decisions around site speed, international audiences, security and more. Most importantly, however, is that she feels like their needs matter: ‘It’s that feeling of relief having someone there who cares.’

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